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Take control of your money .

Accounting Accounting

Tablet Mobile Application

Take the business in your hands .

Tablet Mobile Application Tablet Mobile Application

Inventory Suite

Take control of your business .

Inventory Suite Inventory Suite


Take control of your personnel .

Payroll Payroll


Manage your greatest asset: your workforce .

Timesheet Timesheet

Fixed Assets Register

Take control of your property .

Fixed Assets Register Fixed Assets Register

Service System

Fully Integrated with Accounting and Stock Control. Its a fully parameterised system..

Service System Service System

Green Soft

Fully Compliant with all the requirements of Green-Dot, Afis, Weee. .

Green Soft Green Soft
Home > FAQ

What language and database are you using ?

We are using the .net and sql server. Our software runs in Micosoft Platform (Windoows XP,Vista,7)

Do you have any other customer similar to our business ?

We have more than 1500 companies using e-soft from all the sectors. E-soft is fully paremeterised and very flexibleto accomadate almost all your needs.

How much the implementation will cost ?

Before the begining of the implementaion we question your users as to identify the time will need to train them. Some users are experienced and others are not.

How long it takes to go live with your program ?

Usually it takes few days. We have experienced support team with long experience that guarantee the smooth transfer to our programs. The last four year more than 1500 companies move to our systems without facing and serious problem.

Can you transfer my data to your system and how long it takes ?

If your data can be exported to an excel, text or any kind of database we will be able to transfer them. We developed several utility programs that helps us extracting all the data from the most well know packages exists in the market.

Can I contact some of your customers as a reference ?

Please do. We can provide you with a list of our customers that are familiar with your business and feel free to contact them.

How I will get updated of new enhancements ?

By being a register user on our web-page you will be able to see all the new enhancements and request for an upgrade. Each time you get an upgrade please visit our Release Screen that is inside the Help Menu

What are the benefits of being a registered user inside your web-site ?

We will able to:-

  • View all our New enhacements
  • Video trainings
  • Participate in several pools
  • Request an enhacement (suggestions)
  • Being a member of our Newsletter
  • Informed about our future developments
  • Give us your feedback
  • Request a training
  • and many more